Are you summer body ready?

June seems to have come around in the blink of an eye, which of course signals the beginning of summer. If you’ve been caught up by this time of year approaching (we certainly have!) you may be feeling a little weary to step into those shorts & bikinis, and although we know confidence is an inside job, sometimes a little pamper can really give us a boost. Here at Koko we offer a number of treatments to help you feel a little more confident this summer, and compliment the work you’re putting in the rest of the week!

Elemis Targeted Toner – £65
If cellulite is something making you hide away this summer we have just the treatment for you. The Targeted Toner from Elemis combines massage and a clay mask to help target those stubborn areas. Focusing on the hips, thighs, abdomen and back of arms we start with massage to stimulate the area, followed by a detoxifying clay mask which helps tone the area. This treatment has been clinically proven to rescue the appearance of cellulite after just one treatment, meaning you can walk around in your summer wardrobe with confidence.

Shrinking Violet – £60
If you feel like you’re doing everything you can but not seeing the results you wanted, the Shrinking Violet treatment is perfect for you. Designed to help you lose up to 2 inches in just 1 treatment, this compliments a healthy & active lifestyle perfectly.

Starting with dry body brushing, your therapist will work head to toe to boost your lymphatic drainage system before massaging in the Shrinking Violet lotion. You are then wrapped by the therapist, before being tucked into our heated bed for ultimate relaxation! The lotion stays on for 60 minutes, during this time we offer a mini facial or scalp massage, before leaving you to spend some time relaxing.

Measurements are taken before and immediately after the treatment (thats right, results are immediate!) to see how much has been lost in the 60 minute session. It is advised to keep the lotion on so it can continue working (this can be left for 72 hours) and give you maximum results.

This treatment can be bought as a single body treatment, however we also offer packages of 3 or 5 treatments to really help you get the results you are wanting.

Take it home
Detoxing treatments do not just have to stay within a spa and with our range of retail you can take the pamper home with you. At Koko we offer the Elemis spa retail items, including the Cellutox Active Body Oil and Targeted Toning Body Moisturiser. These are both items you can use at home to continue care after your treatment with us to achieve optimum results. Why not combine these products with body brushing at home too? One of the main benefits of dry body brushing is that it boosts your lymphatic drainage system which helps your body detoxify, plus it helps remove dead skin cells leaving you with silky smooth skin!

If you are unsure which treatment – or product – is best for you, our experienced reception team are available to help. Simply call us on 01484 605288 or via email at [email protected]

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