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    Elemis Christmas Gift Guide

    It’s the time of year to spoil those around you, but with so much to choose from it can be very overwhelming. This year we’ve decided to bring you gift guides from our two main brands, and this week is all about Elemis!

    This year Elemis have brought out gift sets for every need, all of which will see you saving some pennies on amazing gifts! From skin to body, Elemis has every concern covered and has brought back their fantastic candles to accompany them too. Here are Koko's top picks...

    Our Top Pick
    One Elemis range we don't think gets raved about enough is Dynamic Resurfacing, so this Christmas we want to shout about it! This range not only smoothes your skin by removing dead skin cells, it also purifies and leaves the skin perfectly primed for all your other skin goodies. This set includes the Facial Wash and Facial Pads (60pcs) which are the perfect combination to kick-start a new skin routine. This is the perfect gift for anyone who suffers from dry skin, or needs to introduce some resurfacing into their routine.

    Skin Sets
    Elemis is known for its skincare, and they really pull out all the stops at Christmas. They have created gift sets for every skin concern, from dehydration to ageing, meaning you're bound to find the perfect gift. Our favourites are the Superfood Delicious Delights set (for normal/combination skin in need of a little pick-me-up) and the Pro-Collagen Perfect Duo set (for ageing skin, gentle and plumping). Of course there's many others, so make sure to give our reception team a call to have a chat about the recipients needs and we will suggest the perfect set for them!

    Body Sets
    Looking for something not related to skin care (we get it, some people already have their routines!)? Elemis have several gift sets purely for body products, and will scents like Frangipani and Lavender they're a lovely treat. Our top body pick is the Frangipani Sweet Dreams set, which includes their amazing Frangipani body oil as well as 3 other luxurious products. These are a must for someone who likes to take care of their skin and have a pamper - we've yet to find someone who isn't won over by this amazing scent!

    Stocking Fillers
    Although most of Elemis' gift sets are intended to be given as a larger present, they do also have a few stocking fillers and smaller gift sets available. A good all-round skincare set is the Superfood Star Duo set, which includes an exfoliator and mask, perfect for someone looking to expand their skincare routine. Another one worth mentioning is the Power Duo for Him set, which includes a facial wash and moisturiser, the perfect start for a man who is just getting into his skincare and looking to find the right products.

    So no matter what gift you’re looking for, or which need you are wanting to address, Elemis has the perfect one for you! You can pop into Koko to see the gift sets and choose between collections, while our knowledgeable staff talk through your needs. Head over to the store, or give us a call on 01484 605288to talk through what we have in store. (we are also available at [email protected])

    NEOM Christmas Gift Guide

    It’s the time of year to spoil those around you, but with so much to choose from it can be very overwhelming. This year we’ve decided to bring you gift guides from our two main brands, and this week is all about NEOM!

    An amazing British well-being brand, NEOM has been stocked here at Koko for 5 years and we always get excited about their Christmas collection. This year they have brand new packaging for their Christmas exclusive scents, with gifts ranging from single candles to thoughtful gift sets. Here’s our Koko top picks…
    Home Fragrance
    NEOM candles are always a sure winner, and their Christmas scents are perfect as gifts or to keep for yourself! Along with their single standard size candles (3 wick, 1 wick & travel size) there is also a gift pack of 3 travel size candles so you don’t have to pick between scents!
    If candles aren’t you thing they have also made their scents into home sprays, which are the perfect alternative.
    Gift Sets
    If you’re looking for something more skincare related, NEOM also offer gift boxes in their signature scents. Such as the Scent To Make You Happy range, which includes a hand wash, body scrub and hand cream, or if you’re looking for something more relaxing the Scent To Sleep range would be perfect (including a body butter and pillow mist).
    Stocking Fillers
    If it’s something smaller you’re needing, or a gift for someone new to NEOM, they also offer smaller gift sets with miniature sized products. These are across all the original scents and offer everything from pillow sprays to bath foams, perfect for anyone to try out the brand.
    So no matter what gift you’re looking for, big or small, NEOM has the perfect one for you! You can pop into Koko to see the gift sets and choose between scents, while our knowledgeable staff talk through your needs. Head over to the store, or give us a call on 01484 605288to talk through what we have in store. (we are also available at [email protected])

    Get party season ready!

    Now we know a lot of you may not be thinking about it, but you should be. The big day is coming up fast and along with it lots of parties and social gatherings. That's right, Christmas planning is in full swing here at Koko!
    It's this time of year where everything around us turns into a whirlwind, and so the essential party planning steps can easily be forgotten. We're here to make sure you're ready for every festive event that comes your way, and with some starting this month (and December slots filling fast) you might want to get booked in quickly...
    One staple that often gets overlooked for the festive period is lashes, and we have several options for you depending on what you need! From a natural lash lift which lasts up to 6 weeks (and has no upkeep - it's all to enhance your own lashes!) to our express lashes which last for 2 weeks, we're here to make sure you're camera ready for every event.
    If there's ever a time to add some sparkle to your everyday life it's now, and our nail treatments can literally do this for you! From standard polish to shellac manicures and acrylic nail enhancements we are here to match your needs. Want a bit of an addition to your nails? We have hundreds of glitter combinations to add the sparkle and even offer nail art - just make sure to mention this when you're booking so our therapists have time to make your nails extra fancy!
    The final touch to any event look is a natural looking, golden glow. Heading into our tanning room the night before your event, our expert therapists will use our amazing Xen-Tan to give you that natural glow. A quick 15 minute treatment with amazing results that will leave yous stepping into that party dress with confidence!
    To see any of our pre-party packages make sure to follow us on Instagram and make sure to give our reception team a call if you have any queries! We can be contacted at 01484 605288 or via email at [email protected]

    Get autumn ready with our exfoliation treatments

    Autumn is officially here, and while we might not be reaching for the hats and gloves just yet the time is edging closer! Alongside the seasonal changes our skin also changes. The cooler air is a catalyst for dryer skin, so now is the time to dust of the thicker moisturisers and keep your skin hydrated!
    As well as upping our moisturising game, it is also important to keep the skin exfoliated so dead skin is removed, allowing the moisture to go in deeper. The task can be easily put off if you choose to do it yourself, so why not treat yourself to a luxurious exfoliation treatment here at Koko and let someone else do the work!
    These two NEOM treatments focus on energising you from the inside out - using uplifting fragrances and massage techniques to ensure you leave with a little buzz whilst also being relaxed. These two treatments start with a full body exfoliation using the NEOM body scrub, followed by either massage (Happiness) or a full body clay wrap (Energise) to lock in moisture and relax you from head to toe.
    The NEOM pregnancy treatment also contains a body scrub, so no one has to miss out on renewing their skin at this time of year!
    After choosing between the Lime & Ginger or Frangipani salt scrub, our expert therapists will buff your skin head to toe, removing dead skin cells and encouraging new cell growth. This alone will help you feel brand new, however it also creates a great canvas to absorb the body oil which is used for the finishing massage. You will leave Koko feeling brand new and ready to tackle Autumn.
    Although we might notice the skin on our bodies changing at this time of year, it's important to not forget about our faces! Now is the perfect time to have an exfoliating skin treatment and upgrade your home skincare ready for the new season. We have several Elemis facials that could help, such as the Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel and BIOTEC Skin Resurfacer, each which deeply exfoliate your skin before using targeted products to hydrate your skin.
    Our reception team are on hand to help you decide which treatment is best suited for your skintype and needs, so make sure to contact us and ask any questions you have.
    If you would like more information, or to book an appointment, please call our reception team on 01484 605288 or email us at [email protected]

    Wind down after summer

    It’s September, and for a lot of us that means one thing; the kids are back at school! If you’ve spent the last 6 weeks rushing round organising playdates and fun activities for the little ones, you might be feeling a little run down. Here at Koko we’re on hand to help you wind down, and have some well needed me-time!

    All of our talented therapists are trained in massage, from our signature treatments to body experiences from NEOM and Elemis. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re holding tension in one area or tight on time, we’re here to help!

    NEOM De-Stress
    This luxurious NEOM treatment will truly melt away any stress. Starting with a guided meditation to ease the mind, we then move on to reflexology to relax the whole body. Using the NEOM De-Stress treatment candle we massage the shea-butter formula into the skin, not only releasing any tension in the muscles but also moisturising the skin and releasing the amazing scent into the room. You will leave this treatment floating on cloud 9, with the last 6 week’s worth of stress completely forgotten!
    This treatment is available as a 60 minute (£58) or 90 minute (£72) treatment.

    Elemis Body Nectar Nourishing Body Wrap - Frangipani 
    If massage isn’t the treatment for you, but you’re still wanting a pampering body treatment this luxurious Elemis treatment is for you. Using the Frangipani body products you are cocooned head to toe then wrapped up, allowing the products to melt into your skin. A lovely and nourishing treatment with the most gorgeous and relaxing scents, this really is a real pamper!
    This is a 60 minute treatment (£55).

    Koko Signature Face & Body
    If you’re looking for a treatment that also includes a facial, this is the one for you. During this 75 minute treatment we will releave tension in the body with a back massage using our signature massage technique. We then move on to a nourishing facial, which also includes a face, neck and shoulder massage. Whilst the treatment mask is on, we move to tension pressure points on the hands, feet and scalp to make sure you are as relaxed as possible!
    This is a 75 minute treatment (£58).

    Koko Signature Massage
    As well as our named & branded treatments we also offer our Koko signature massages, which can be tailored to your individual needs. Usually done as a back massage (30 minutes - £32) or full body massage (60 minutes - £55) our experienced therapists will use our signature moves to work out any tension and work to relax you head-to-toe.

    If you’d like to speak to someone about which treatment could be best for you, make sure to call our reception team who can talk you through each treatment and help you find the perfect stress-buster.
    01484 605288, [email protected]