Caring for your skin this summer

One thing people don’t realise is that your skin routine should change with the season. The products you use when its 5 degrees outside should differ to when its 20, plus a change is always healthy for your skin too!

In summer out skincare routines should focus around lighter products and higher SPF, as well as targeting sun-related issues such as pigmentation. So what exactly should we be swapping to?

Do a thorough cleanse
Most people prefer to use a gentler & more hydrating cleanser in winter to keep their skin from becoming dry during the colder months. Summer is the best time to pull your foaming cleanser back out and give your skin a deeper clean. The Elemis Gentle Foaming Facial Wash (£29) is perfect for this time of year as it is still gentle on the skin but still works at removing all the product buildup. It’s also important to remember the double cleanse to make sure there are no products or grease left on your face from the day!

Up your SPF
While we should be wearing SPF all year round, it is important to use a higher factor during the summer months. If you normally count on your everyday moisturiser to provide SPF, make sure to also introduce a facial specific SPF to ensure you’re covered from the suns stronger rays. The Elemis Daily Defence Shield SPF 30 (£46) is a great product to add on top of your moisturiser as it is the perfect base for makeup!

Lighter layers
Now is the time to put your thick overnight cream back in storage and reach for your lighter products! Using thicker products at this time of year can leave your skin greasy and lead to blocked pores, so make sure to use a thinner moisturiser such as PRODUCT. If you find your skin still needs the extra hydration reach for serums and use thin layers of each product. Elemis now offer face mists such as the Suprefood Kefir-Tea Mist to help hydrate the skin whilst also being refreshing in the heat!

Target sun related issues
If you are someone who struggles with pigmentation it is always going to get worse in summer, so it is a good time to reach for the targeted products to help your skin. Daily use will reduce the pigmentation as much as it can, so its better to help it while the sun is out! Using the Dynamic Resurfacing range from Elemis (starting at £32.50) is the perfect way to help combat pigmentation & uneven skin tone.

We know not everyones skin is the same, so why not pop down to the spa for a facial where our therapists can have a good look at your skin and make recommendations specific for you?

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