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As a bride-to-be myself, (just 3 months to go!), I know exactly how stressful this wedding lark is, so I thought I would write a quick wedding make up tips article to help you understand how to get the best wedding makeup for your big day! I will be doing my own wedding makeup on my big day. As a wedding makeup artist in Leeds my diary is full up with wedding bookings so hopefully you feel I have the experience and expertise to help you with this!
So who to choose? To start with recommendations are always good, if you have someone you know who can recommend a wedding makeup artist always give them a try, they wouldn’t recommend anyone who was rubbish for their own embarrassment and even better if you have seen the finished result yourself.
If you’re looking at a website, study the website, if the website looks good and attracts you, this is a good sign that they have an eye for design and what looks good, so this should come through in their wedding makeup. If you click on to a website and its difficult to navigate around and looks a little out of date or just simply messy then click straight off, if they cant be bothered to ensure their site works properly and looks good then i would have much faith in them doing a very good job on your wedding makeup or even turning up in the first place.
If they have pictures of their bridal wedding makeup clients that’s always a help as you can see their work, but do not penalize the ones that don’t, if they do have an amazing website and reviews where you can read what other clients have said, give them a chance, they may be able to email you images anyway and may just be that they prefer to have it that way.
Check out what makeup they use, you need to be looking for make up such as MAC, Bare escentuals, Urban decay, Lancome etc they should be able to tell you straight away which brand they use, this is very important as your wedding make up needs to last all day so it needs to be good quality.
One big tip from me is if you meet up with the makeup artist, how does her make up look?! I see so many make up artists and they have make up plastered on, you could actually scrape it off!! Big orange cheeks and far to dark eyes, all these are signs of a bad makeup artist, if they cannot put make up on themselves, I wouldn’t like to see the job they would do on someone else! If they don’t have a lot of make up on that’s not so bad, it may just be they prefer not to wear a lot of make up.
One thing to bear in mind is a lot of makeup artists do your make up how they do their own, not how you like it. I like my eyes quite smokey and and I like nude lips, I like this and it suits me, this doesn’t mean though everyone else wants to look like this and can indeed pull this look off so I always do EXACTLY what the client wants and needs.
Its also quite important what the makeup artists personality is like, remember if you book them they will be a small part of the biggest day of your life, they will be there on the morning of your wedding so its extremely important to have a wedding makeup artist who you feel comfortable with and is easy to get along with, its no good having someone who is really loud and in your face when you will be feeling nervous and excited, it can be a little too much. You also don’t want some snooty girl there looking down at you and your family, bridesmaid etc making everyone feel uncomfortable, likewise you don’t want a girl who is very shy as this will also make people feel uncomfortable around her on the morning. A good down to earth kind of girl and on the ball is what you are looking for….!!
Wedding makeup trials are very important, I know the wedding business is ridiculously expensive but a wedding trial is a must, even if it’s just yourself, just so you can see the work of the makeup artist. Never ever book someone without having a trial; you don’t need the stress of having someone come on the day and doing an awful job. Also as equally important is to say whether you dislike or like something, if your not sure then tell the makeup artist, you wont hurt their feelings, trust me, just say what you really feel this way we can then change the look and find the perfect look for you, what is worse is to not say anything and then feel uncomfortable about your look.
Good thing to do to prepare for your wedding makeup trials are have some pictures of what you like the look of, that way you can re- create the look on yourself, or do something similar that will suit you and your look. Discuss colour themes you have and a style your going for as all this can help when looking for the perfect wedding make up look.
So hopefully you have some good wedding makeup tips there, good luck with the wedding plans and all the best for your future.

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