Our Top ten beauty salon treatments

In this crazy fast world we live in it is essential we all take time out and have beauty treatments at our local beauty salon. Whether its massage to chill you out, Facials to sort your skin out or waxing for those not so relaxing essentials, they all make you feel a million times better and keep you sane and looking good from month to month, long live the beauty salon!!!

Obviously we all love different treatments but here are my top ten beauty salon treatments.

10. Eyebrow and eyelash tinting
Ok it’s not the most relaxing but it’s a must essential for me and so much easier to pop to your local beauty salon to get this done than doing it yourself.

9. Manicure
You use them a lot so take care of those digits! Manicures are the perfect way to keep your fingers looking fabulous. Finding a good nail bar and treating your nails to some TLC sure makes you feel so much better!

8. Full body exfoliation
You cannot beat getting someone to do you a full body exfoliation at your local beauty salon, so much nicer than trying to do it in the shower at home, getting it all over, and you can walk out of the salon feeling soft and luxurious, million dollars!

7. Acrylic toenails
We’ve mentioned being fabulous to our finger nails let’s not forget our toes! I love having my toes done with either acrylic or gel, it means I can go away on holiday and not have to think about painting my toes at all and can enjoy some quality relaxation time!

6. Paraffin wax to the feet
Now I absolutely love this treatment, quite simple but just heaven. So warm and nourishing on the feet, so relaxing and we all forget about our feet, poor things!!

5. Pedicures
Now I adore my pedicures simply and this is one of the biggest treats to have at a beauty salon. If you’re always on your feet like me that divine foot soak and massage, just bliss!

4. Hollywood Eyelash Extensions!
These are the best, absolutely love them. Eyelash extensions are a beauty salon favourite and these can last up to 2-3 months! Waking up with fabulous eyelashes, love it!

3. Spray tan
Now come on girls and boys, there is nothing better than having a gorgeous natural looking tan that takes two minutes of spraying and makes you feel amazing for at least 7 days!! Now I must I used to be a bit of a sunbed lover but now it’s safe spray tanning all the way. With spray tans now looking naturally gorgeous it’s the best way to be bronzed!

2. Facials
I absolutely love facials and this was a very close 2nd, I can sometimes find a good facial more relaxing than a massage. There is nothing better than going to your favourite beauty salon and having an hours facial, the massage is the best bit, I carry so much tension in my head so for me it’s just amazing and my skin always feels and looks amazing

1. Massage!!
Any kind of massage for me is amazing. Without a doubt, this is the best beauty salon treatment for me. When you find the perfect massage therapist they can take away all your stress and tension away in less than an hour! An absolute must for me at the minute as I’m planning a wedding!

So there we have it, my top ten beauty salon treatments, enjoy and book yourself into your local beauty salon today!!

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