Nowadays its so hard to buy for friends and family, if people want something they just go out and get it, not like before when we created our lists for birthdays and Christmas (although diamonds are always on mine!!) So today I thought id share why I and many people choose beauty vouchers to replace the boring repetitive presents!

1. A beauty treatment is not usually a priority or in the forefront of peoples minds so this alone must be the best reason to buy a gift voucher? You can give them something that they always want to have but don’t get round to/or have the money to have. The typical “oh I really want to try a facial” but never get round to booking one. This truly is then a gift they will appreciate.
2. Something new to try!! Its still surprises me how many people have not had a massage or a facial. These things are not always for everyone, but again is it just they dont see it as an essential or that of pure luxury, something they dont think they should have? Massages and facials are such a great way to relax and unwind and forget about day to day stresses and you feel so uplifted and energised afterwards, so it actually enables you to cope with stress that little bit easier!
3. Book yourself in too!! Buying someone a beauty gift voucher is a great excuse to book yourself in at the same time! Why not treat a loved one and yourself!? Its such a nice way to spend an afternoon, sharing a pampering experience and maybe combining it with some lunch and a glass of bubbly, we all deserve it!!
4. Memory and experience over objects? Buying beauty gift vouchers or other similar experience vouchers are such a great present because rather than buying an object, you can buy someone a memory. They have something that they can experience and hold a memory for and will always remember such a lovely gift you bought them!

So when your stuck for ideas for birthdays and this christmas, look no further than your beauty salons in wakefield, leeds, huddersfield and treat that special someone to a gorgeous beauty voucher.

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